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      AI-Powered Speech Analytics

VoiceCrunch AI Rapidly Pinpoints Vital Calls for Compliance Validation, Dispute Resolution, Customer Service Excellence and Emergency Response

Discover Key Moments-Unveil Truths

Find significant audio moments or recorded calls rapidly using over 40 preset criteria, including keywords, phrases, emotion detection, silences, talk-overs and more, automatically transcribed!

Let VoiceCrunch AI’s reliable and precise engine cut costs by reducing the time and stress when searching for important audio moments or recorded calls, enabling staff to concentrate on their core activities!

Find Key Moments in Your Audio

Simply enter your chosen search criteria like words or phrases, silences or sentiments, into VoiceCrunch AI for rapid conversational analysis

Auto Translate & Transcribe

To save you even more time after finding key audio moments, VoiceCrunch AI automatically transcribes and, where required, translates into a chosen language

Flexible Pricing

We offer two plan types, either Pay Monthly with a set quota or Pay as you Go, so you only pay for what you use.

How it works


1. Upload your audio files

Upload your audio files using our speedy, efficient and secure* uploader. We accept a range of file types, although best results are seen using uncompressed audio. Upload as many files as you wish in one go. *We delete files as soon as they have been analysed.

2. Enter phrases to search for

Enter as many phrases as you wish to search for within the audio file. Our highly accurate matching engine is designed to pick out key phrases spoken within the call.

3. View the analysis results

We’ll email you as soon as the analysis has completed with the findings. View each order individually and find out where phrases have been matched, and exactly where. You can even play the call from each phrase start and end point to quickly listen to the match. Our call visualiser also generates a handy wave form of the audio.

Feature Summary

Automatic audio speech detection

Search through thousands of recorded calls for compliance and or security purposes

Automatic audio file translation

Use a Vidicode UK recorder or your own call recording solution

Automatic audio file transcription

Improve business by being able to look for key phrases e.g competitive or contractual information


Get in touch for quotations. All prices are dependent on number of minutes required per month.

Get started with a 7 day FREE trial

We’re confident our platform can meet your requirements, so we offer a 7 day free trial to all new customers. Simply enter your full name and email address and we’ll set up your account for you.